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Photo of Cindy Walker. Wholisitic Health Practitioner

182 Memorial Ave
PO Box 936
Parksville, BC V9P 2H5 

Cindy Walker, RNT – Registered Nutritional Therapist

Meet Cindy Walker, Registered Nutritional Therapist, certified Health Coach, Natural Supplement Advisor, Massage/Energy Practitioner and Fitness/Yoga Instructor – currently working on her Doctorate in Natural Health.

Cindy has been in the fitness and wellness industry for most of her life – 40 years to be exact. Her specialty is Abdominal Wellness for individuals looking to improve Gut Health and reduce TOXIC WEIGHT.  

Her clients are wanting to… 

  • Enhance weight loss efforts 
  • Improve digestive function 
  • Support immune health – reduce allergy symptoms and frequency of cold/flu  
  • Tone and strengthen core muscles – relieve physical pain in lower back, hips & knees 
  • Promote better sleep, energy, mood & cognitive behavior – reduce brain fog 
  • Aid in release of chronic mental, emotional and/or environmental stress

To support her client's Health goals she uses a Wholistic Wellness philosophy by combining the Essential Elements of; Nutrition Inside Out, Healthy Stress Management and Mindset tools & techniques with a focus on rebalancing and strengthening the function of the body's digestive, muscular, nervous and detoxification systems – bringing the Mind/Body/Spirit into a harmonic balance.

Cindy believes that “our Abdominals are the core of who we are physically & the house of our energetic essence” 


  • Registered Nutritional Therapist, CANNP


  • Certified Holistic Nutritionist/ Natural Nutrition Clinical Practitioner, alive Academy


  • National Coaching Certification Program, Calgary AB


  • Natural Product Advisor, alive Academy


  • Thai Yoga, Hot Stone, Classic, Lymphatic Drainage Massage Certifications, Calgary AB


  • Reiki Master   


  • Essential Oil Coach Certification, Essential Oil Institute


  • EFT Certification, International Metaphysical University


  • Sound Energy Certification, BlissBowls™ 


  • Lifesaving Swim & First Aid Instructor/Trainer, Calgary AB


  • BCRPA Fitness Leader, Yoga Instructor  


  • Doctorate of Natural Health, Quantum University

    In Progress